Sum 41 writing news songs.  Sorta…

Sum 41 writing news songs. Sorta…

sum-41Sum 41 lead singer, Derek Whibley, posted today on his myspace blog that he has been writing new songs for the band’s next release.  But then he stopped and went on tour.  He’s a tease.

Here’s what he said exactly:

i was writing a lot of songs around the new year. songs that i was really liking. and every song i would write, i was beating the songs i wrote previous. then we had to go out on tour and we’ve been either performing, or rehearsing all the old songs for the past few months and i haven’t had as much time to get into writing for the new album. the good thing is i do have a lot of ideas for songs and although i can’t sit and write them out completely, i’m really excited about them. i’m still coming up with new songs and ideas that are beating the songs i’ve written recently so i figure as long as i’m getting better and better i might as well keep on writing until i can’t write anything else that’s very good. because i’d rather put out a great record later than a crappy record sooner. thank you for everyone’s patience and i promise you we’re doing our best to make the greatest thing we can possibly make at this time in our lives.

Sum 41 released “Underclass Hero” on Island Records in 2007.

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