Terrorist working on digital EP “Seditious Libel”

Terrorist working on digital EP “Seditious Libel”

Manitoba political punkers Terrorist are currently in the studio recording new tracks for a digital EP tentatively titled “Seditious Libel,” a testament to an old buzz word used to persecute early anarchists.  Here’s the update from the band:

We recorded all the vocal tracks last night, and all that remains is a final guitar session, to beef up the rhythm and lead tracks. Sonically I am super impressed with whats come out of us, and for the first time in a long time, am satisfied with my lyrical content. Its really hard dealing with the issues we try to tackle in a musical way. The songs are so fast that there is no time for lyrical meandering, and we have to cut to the quick, making it difficult to express such complex ideas.

The plan for these tracks is a digital EP for free download and maybe a tape/CD pressing. But primarily the songs will be available to download off of myspace/itunes, etc. So some places you will see this shit for free, others for pay.

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