Album Review: Thanx 4 All The Shoes – “Celebrating Falsity”

Album Review: Thanx 4 All The Shoes – “Celebrating Falsity”

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2010 has been a great year for the melodic hardcore genre and the Italians seem to be leading the pack with a close-knit scene. It ain’t just about music but about the sense of belonging to something special, a family of sorts.

Thanx 4 All The Shoes (T4ATS), a no-bullshit, politically and socially driven band from beautiful Fabbrico-Novellara have a new album out and man, does it shred! “Celebrating Falsity” definitely surprised many in the punk and hardcore scene. From their 2008 DIY EP “Reaction Starts From Consciousness” to what you are now hearing in 2010, it’s a testament to the years of playing live with fellow Italians and yet still gaining the knowledge to do their “own thing”. T4ATS can be classified under different sub-genres such as punk, melodic hardcore, hardcore, and thrash punk/metal. The latter is a key factor that the band incorporates and experiments with a LOT in their tunes. They mix it just as well as another band that called it quits way too early, Until The Fall. Like them, you could feel the passion/energy in their instruments. But in general, if you are a fan of Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Belvedere, or newer shredders like Waiting 4 Better Days and IVS…then you’ll dig T4ATS.

“Celebrating Falsity” was recorded with none other than Alex (Jet Market drummer) at Hell Smell Recordings, in Italy. This guy is definitely making a name for himself lately in the European melodic hardcore/skate punk scene. As I said before, shreddin’ is what you’ll appreciate the most from this Italian band and you can really hear the guitars and the riffs like you were right there. It’ll make you get shivers down your back and on top of your head. From the get go of the album, the guys focus on the trash punk/metal side, letting go of the vocals for this one. Their song “Home Is Where Bombs Rain” will stick in your head for weeks, and is a great example of the band’s political views.  Also, “Death As Business” starts off with technically driven drums and throughout it Lorenzo put his A-game on the kit. This is a track that I’d love to hear live!

Let’s all hope that T4ATS do not lose this edge in their writing style, and same goes for their brothers-in-arms. This is a more than solid first full-length release so if they eventually top it or not, it’s a success for them. And please take note, if the shred-factor does not get the blood in your body pumping, well chances are that you are already passed out.

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