Album Review: The Adicts – “Life Goes On”

Album Review: The Adicts – “Life Goes On”

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The Adicts, known for their Clockwork Orange Droog look, were one of the UK’s most popular punk bands in the 80s, and haven’t lost that popularity 30+ years on. hailing from Ipswich, Suffolk, they play inoffensive punk and are one of the best live bands you will ever see.

“Life Goes On”, the 8th studio album from The Adicts, carries on the typical sound the band have had throughout their 35 year career. But that is in no way a bad thing. It’s a cheesy cheerful punk rock nostalgia trip, with brilliant instrumentals and sing-a-long lyrics. Perfect for live shows, which is certainly where The Adicts excel.

Opener, ‘Spank Me Baby’ is a cheeky start to this old school punk album, and sets the mood for this happy-go-lucky offering.

‘I’m Not Scared Of You’ has a bit of a doo-wop beat to the chorus, just one of the many unique sounds you will hear on this, or any, Adicts album.

‘The Whole Worlds Gone Mad’ is highlight, with a heavier sound than the rest, giving it the perfect rhythm for a good ol’ fashioned pogo.

The addition of female, almost school-girl, vocals on a couple of tracks (‘Reaky Deaky Boys And Girls’ and ‘Mr. Dice Man’) adds some unusual variety to this 12, plus bonus, track album.

The last track, ‘Mr Hand’, is a weird and wonderful theatrical number- then again it wouldn’t be an Adicts album without one. Oh, and the bonus track is a cracker too.

It’s pretty clear that these songs were written to be played live, and there’s no other band that take any more pride in their live performances than the Adicts. The old-school fans will know what to expect, but are definitely not going to be disappointed, whilst anyone new to The Adicts are sure to be impressed with “Life Goes On”.

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