The Bastard Suns streaming new song off upcoming “Winter” EP

The Bastard Suns streaming new song off upcoming “Winter” EP

I gotta say, I love this band.  The Bastard Suns have got such a diverse sound but always stay decidedly punk rock, which is why their “A Band For All Seasons” EP series makes so much sense.  The series began with their “Fall” EP released, yep, last Fall and now it looks like they’re getting close to releasing the next EP; “Winter.”  The cover art is <= and you can stream a song from the upcoming release titled “One Long Night” on the band’s MySpace page.

The “Band For All Seasons” EP series will total four cds consisting of five songs each. The albums will be released at the beginning of each season, starting with Fall, and each one will feature four new original songs and one cover that they feel best match the corresponding season. The Fall CD features their gospel, country and bluegrass-influenced work, Winter will feature their Irish drinking material, Spring will include their ska and punk, and Summer will be reggae and surf-inspired. Get it? Got it? Good.

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