Album Review: The Creepshow – “They All Fall Down”

Album Review: The Creepshow – “They All Fall Down”

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The Creepshow return with another solid album in the form of their 3rd ful-length release, “They All Fall Down.” For those of you who don’t know them, The Creepshow are a female fronted Psychobilly band from Ontario, Canada. Their sound is similar to a sped up version of The Horropops circa “Hell Yeah!” with some keyboards thrown in.

Lead vocalist Sarah Sin’s voice has never sounded better and as a band The Creepshow are showing maturity in the songwriting process. The horror movie themed lyrics that are common in the Psychobilly genre are mostly gone, having been replaced by songs about life on the road (Hellbound), Running from the law (Someday) and revenge (Get What’s Coming). One notable exception is the disc’s stand out track “Sleep Tight”. In a song that sounds like something you would hear in a 1960’s high school dance, Sarah Sin tells a story of a woman who is murdered by her boyfriend and then sticks around to watch him with “undead eyes”. The rest of the songs are fast and overall enjoyable, making this my favorite of The Creepshow’s releases.

My only negatives are that a couple of these new songs sound a lot like some of the older ones but other than that this is a positive step for a band that I hope will be a round for a long time to come.

On a slight side note, if you are a big fan of Sarah Sin’s voice, you might want to check out some of her solo work. She has released two cd’s in the country/folk genre under her real name, Sarah Blackwood.

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