The Dead Milkmen return with “The King In Yellow”

The Dead Milkmen return with “The King In Yellow”

Legendary Philly act, The Dead Milkmen, have unveiled plans to self-release a new album tentatively titled, “The King In Yellow” some time in the Spring. The band has recorded 17 tracks and have unveiled some of the song titles such as: “Malora Says”, “13th Century Boy”, “Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song”, “Solvents For Home And Inustry”, “Caitlin’s Child”, “She’s Affected” and “Can’t Relax”. The band’s frontman, Rodney Anonymous spoke to about the album saying:

“Here’s what I can tell you, so far: which is everything I know, plus some stuff I made up.

1) We have finished recording 17 tracks (basic and overdubs). We did this in two two-day marathon sessions at Buddha Sounds and at Miner Street Studio. Please note that this beats the old record of 15 tracks recorded in four days, previously set by the Partridge Family during thesessions for their seminal album “Amphetamines & School Buses”. Both Jeff at Buddha and Brian at Miner Street were very accommodating towards the band’s “eccentricities” (for example, Dean’s drums are covered with the skins of those who have wronged him).

2) The new CD (digital download, player-piano roll) is tentatively titled “The King in Yellow”, although we might go with the alternative title suggested by our manager’s son: “Jesus Loves You.” That boy has a bright, albeit twisted, future ahead of him.

3) The cover art is currently unavailable as our lawyer has informed us that the image we originally intended to use – a Photoshopped image of Michele Bachmann blowing a Thomson’s gazelle – could quite possibly lead to “A whole lot of fucking around in court”

4) We’ll be finishing up the final mixes in February and, hopefully, releasing the CD in either March or April. Then we plan to skip town for awhile until this whole thing blows over.

5) Musically, the CD sounds pretty much like the movie “Dogtooth”. Many of the songs, like “Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song”, “13th Century Boy”, “She’s Affected”, and “Melora Says” have already been played live afew times. Others, like “Solvents for Home and Industry”, “Caitlin Childs”, and “Can’t Relax” have never even been practiced; we have no idea how they got recorded. Still, others like “Dan Haggerty Donkey-Punches the Wolfman” will never be heard, because they do not exist.

6) We’re hoping that “The King in Yellow” will firmly establish us as Philly’s premier EGL band, but if you’re sick of us, then why not check out Live Not On Evil, or Gang, or the Tough Shits, or John Train, or Reading Rainbow, or Black Landlord, or Baby Flamehead, or Pissed Jeans, or Total Fucking Destruction, or Jukebox Zeroes, or any one of the hundreds of bands in the immediate area who are better than us?”

“The King In Yellow” will mark the first release from The Milkmen since 1995’s “Stoney’s Extra Stout”

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