The Dying Scene Sessions: The Flatliners go acoustic!

The Dying Scene Sessions: The Flatliners go acoustic!

For our next installment of the Dying Scene Sessions we decided to do things a little bit differently by going global, baby! We packed our shit and went all the way to the Arctic Tundra, to a strange and wonderful city by the name of Montreal, to shoot one of our favorite Canadian punk bands, The Flatliners!

The videos were shot at Underworld Skate Shop where guitarist Scott and guitarist/vocalist Chris perform acoustic versions of their classic songs “Monumental” and “Count Your Bruises.” Check them out here.

The Dying Scene Sessions feature acoustic sets from some of our favorite punk acts.  Check out our last session with Chaser here, as well as Street Dogs here, and our first ever session with Joey Briggs right here.

The video was shot by our Canadian friends at Raw Cut Media.  Go check out their Youtube for tons of live performances from the best bands in music!

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