Album Review: The Exposed – “In The Face of Resistance”

Album Review: The Exposed – “In The Face of Resistance”

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“In The Face of Resistance” is the latest album from British, D.I.Y. punk band The Exposed.  Now, they may not be as well known as some of the big punk acts dominating the scene like NOFX or Bad Religion but trust me, this release proves they should be.

With catchy, simple songs filling up the tracklist varying from poppy ska tunes, to punk rock anthems that sound like Rancid with catchy Bouncing Souls-style choruses, this album will have you begging for more.

It consists of 15 energy-filled tracks, which is a healthy number for a debut album. So if you like good, catchy punk rock with an English accent, you should definitely pick up a copy of this album.

Track Listing:
1. RCP
2. Long Time Coming
3. Rebel City Rockers
4. The Fire
5. Dead End Stories
6. College Park Blues
7. Whirlwind
8. Passion + Pride
9. Living Dead (Not Yet Deceased)
10. Believe Me
11. Red Alert
12. Soulless
13. Away We Go
14. Broadcast Revolution
15. Where I Belong

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