Album Review: The Fall Of Troy – “In The Unlikely Event”

Album Review: The Fall Of Troy – “In The Unlikely Event”

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So lets be honest, a lot of post-hardcore these days is nothing more than a few detuned guitars, fast double bass pedal, and a ‘vocalist’ who either screams too high to be a dude, or too low to be a human. The Fall Of Troy‘s latest release, In The Unlikely Event, however, brings more to the post-hardcore table than any album ever has, or ever will.  With complicated riffs, un-countable rhythms, and bass lines that run, not walk, In The Unlikely Event makes it clear that The Fall Of Troy has not lost touch with what they do best.

Thomas Erak (guitarist, primary song writer, lead vocalist) uses his guitar as a sword, and lays waste to all other bands that try and show off their chops. He still uses plenty of guitar effects and different picking techniques to prove his point.
The one thing that listeners may or may not find dis-heartening is that In the Unlikely Event does not stray too far from other The Fall Of Troy albums. There is maturity in their playing technique and vocal use, but it does sound like most of these songs could be found on either past albums Doppelganger or Manipulator.

With that being said, there is a bit more variety in the type of songs with this latest effort. Webs is a steady ballad, anchored by Erak’s melodic voice, which shows the bands softer side, and Single, a post break-up guitar based track, contains a catchy chorus and acceptable break-down. Ferociousness can still be found on this album on a few tracks like Straight-Jacket Keelhauled and opening song Panic Attack!

When all is said and done, In The Unlikely Event is a standard The Fall Of Troy album, which is quite a compliment to the post-hardcore genre.  If that suits your style, In The Unlikely Event is a truly epic listening experience.

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