The Horrible Crowes post studio update

The Horrible Crowes post studio update

Somewhere in the magical land of New Jersey, The Horrible Crowes (side project of The Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon and longtime Gaslight guitar tech Ian Perkins) are hard at work recording for their upcoming album. Here’s how it begins.

Coming to you from a secret location in the Shore of New Jersey, we have begun recording for the Horrible Crowes. So far we’ve got the drums, percussion, and drum loops pretty well wrapped up in bow thanks to Steve Sidelnyk. Ian finished all the bass parts yesterday and today, and I’ve done 60% of the Piano work and about 80% of the Hammond B-3 Organs, it’s been a pretty productive not-even-first-week

You can read the rest right here. Currently there’s no word on a release date, nor which label will be releasing it. We’ll keep you posted as always.  The Gaslight Anthem most recently released American Slang last year on SideOneDummy.

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