The Knockdown knocked down

The Knockdown knocked down

the-knockdownBad news for The Knockdown fans.  Looks like the band is calling it quits for now.  Here’s the announcement from the band:

As some people may know, we’re going on hiatus for a bit. With me in Florida and the rest of the guys in New York, we just can’t be the kind of band we want to be. To say that this band affected my life in a positive way would be a gross understatment. Traveling with my best friends and meeting so many amazing people over the years has enriched my life greatly and it’s sad to have to hang it up for now. This isn’t to say that The Knockdown is completely done. Don’t write us off yet!

The band’s last full-length album, Test/Rerest, was released in January 2009 on Kiss Of Death Records.

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