The Maine Warped Tour video

The Maine Warped Tour video

fearless30Playing numerous shows on the Vans Warped Tour can be pretty stressful which is why the boys from The Maine enjoy taking a personal day or two to do something fun and care-free! On this particular day, the guys went to Six Flags Theme Park and while everything should of been peachy keen, John was immediately singled out by Six Flags authority for his inappropriate tank top. Click here to watch a video of a fun day temporarily ruined by a nipple..

This video also contains: A stinky refrigerator, a hardcore Maine fan singing for John [badly], a collapsed stage, one of the guys jumping over an electric wire and “My Favorite Thing About Freedom”. All and all I’d say this video is pretty entertaining.

The Maine released their last album “…And A Happy New Year” on Fearless Records in 2008.

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