The Offspring guitarist talks new album, reveals 2012 release date

The Offspring guitarist talks new album, reveals 2012 release date

The Offspring guitarist Noodles was interviewed at the I-Day Festival in Bologna, Italy, which took place last Sunday (September 4th). In the interview, he talks about their new album, the new song they’ve been performing live (which, apparently to him, is not called “November Song”), a re-recording of “Dirty Magic” (from their 1992 album Ignition), talks about some “big competition” between The Offspring and Green Day and some other random stuff.

While talking about the new album, Noodles says, “You know we’re only out for a month and we’ve been working really hard on the record.” He later adds, “We do have some songs we’re changing from night to night. In Paris we changed 4 songs I think from night to night.” Noodles was later asked when the new album will come out, he replied, “We’re shooting for really next year… and we should have it done by the end of this year you know, and then really next year we’ll start moving on working on the artwork and all that…”

The Offspring haven’t released any new material since their 2008 album, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. Their last release was the rarities compilation album Happy Hour!, which was released only in Japan last year. A month ago, frontman Dexter Holland said that The Offspring were taking a break so that he could write more lyrics, while guitarist Noodles said it was unlikely that the new record would be out this year.

In case you guys missed out, you can check out The Offspring performing their new song (which is apparently called “You Will Find a Way”) here. It’s expected to appear on the band’s new album.

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