The Offspring reveal working song titles

The Offspring reveal working song titles

The Offspring have posted a new update on progress towards their forever-awaited new album. This time, the band posted a picture from the studio, which mentions five working songtitles that are apparently set to appear on the record. The titles are “Anti War”, “Anti Police”, “Anti Religion”, “Death” and “My Girlfriend Is a Bitch”. It looks like they’re returning to their early roots, since they’re naming a song called “Death” and mentioning the word “anti” in three of their other songs.

In the same update, guitarist Noodles posted his thoughts on Pete Parada playing drums on one of the new songs, saying, “Your drums sound amazing on this song. One of my favorites.”

The band’s new album is the follow-up to 2008’s Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, and is expected to finally surface next year. Earlier this week, they announced that they will headline next year’s Punkspring Festival in Japan.

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