The Offspring shooting music video for “Turning Into You”

The Offspring shooting music video for “Turning Into You”

The Offspring have begun filming a music video for what appears to be their next single “Turning Into You”. Yesterday, Repertoire Productions, who are shooting the video, posted a picture of two guys holding video cameras, which can be found on their Facebook page, with the following caption:

“Shooting a music video for THE OFFSPRING, Turning into You. Awesome slow motion shots and tomato fight.”

The director for the video for “Turning Into You” is apparently Bill Fishman, who directed the music video for Suicidal Tendencies‘ iconic song “Institutionalized”. Repertoire Productions commented:

“Thanks to the director/EP, Bill Fishman for bringing us on board! We all had a blast!”

“Turning Into You” is taken from The Offspring’s latest album Days Go By, which came out last June on Columbia Records. You can read our review of that album right here.

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