The Smashrooms go on indefinite hiatus

The Smashrooms go on indefinite hiatus

Italian hardcore band The Smashrooms put out a statement stating that they will be going on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ and that they will not be continuing the band. In the statement the band makes clear that they are simply ceasing the music and that they are all on good terms with one another. You can read  what the band had to say below.

The Smashrooms last and final album Wildfire was released in 2013 on Epidemic Records.


A few days ago we met to talk about our lives and this band, which has always been a very important part of them.

We’ve been talking a lot and we eventually took a decision, which is as painful as right to take in this moment.


We didn’t want to talk about breaking up. This is not a breaking up.

Because usually bands break up when people don’t get along anymore, they have nothing left to say or just can’t keep up their project.

But our friendship and what we share as a band as well as individuals still remain intact.

We feel that our message, which is a very important part of our music, is still alive, for us as well as for those people who got something out of it during these years. People that always showed us love, disinterested support and friendship.

There are many things that make you keep up the things you love, but it can happen to run out of energy, excitement, motivation.

We always wanted to give our best for this band and this doesn’t seem to be possible today.

“The future is unwritten”, they said. We believe it is so. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but we know that whatever we’ll be doing in our lives, we’ll always try to do it at our best, just like we’ve always done.

We’ll play three more shows, which were already scheduled.

28.11 | Arcore (MB), Arci Blob

06.12 | Germany, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Esperanza

07.12 | Germany, Nürnberg, Projekt 31

If you can make it to them, we’d love to see you there.

Thanks to everyone who joined us during these years, we hope we’ve been able to give you something, just like you gave something to us.

Gab / Cello / Cesko | The Smashrooms, 2014

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