Album Review: This Time Next Year – “Road Maps and Heart Attacks”

Album Review: This Time Next Year – “Road Maps and Heart Attacks”

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Pop punk is currently on the upswing again. For how long it will last, no one knows, but This Time Next Year doesn’t seem to care. They just released a powerhouse of an album that clearly defines the new age version of the music we all grew up on. Their album Road Maps and Heart Attacks is full of heavily distorted power chords matched by melodramatic lyrics that will hit home with any teenage listeners. That isn’t exactly a put down though, This Time Next Year knows their audience and caters to them. Growing up is hard isn’t it boys? Of course it is if your singing things like “Cast your stones, cut to the bone, let me down, its nothing new” (off the opening track ‘Rise & Fall Curtain Call’).

You’ll find this album is littered with lyrics that are synonyms for a broken heart, but with the upbeat music and catchy choruses, its rare you’ll find yourself moaning along. This fast paced album has toe tapping tempos and is a real head bobber.

Lead guitars run octaves over raw rhythms, staying true to the pop punk format. Songs like ‘Alex In Wonderland’ and ‘No Bed of Broken Glass’ are hook, line, and sinkers, instantly grabbing you with their melodic openings. With every instrument in sync, you know you’re in for a fun ride. Although the lyrics might be downers, the music is fun, and isn’t the music what it’s all about?

Road Maps and Heart Attacks proves that it is possible to express your angst without cut wrists or black eyes, all you need is a few gang chorus’ and good friends. So, brush the hair out of your eyes, let go of all that malaise, and pick up This Time Next Year’s Road Maps and Heart Attacks. You’re bound to feel better.

Sounds like: New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong.

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