Thrice guitarist leaves tour

Thrice guitarist leaves tour

thriceWhen bad news comes, it comes in groups. Folks, bad news to report on the Thrice front. Guitarist/keyboardist Teppei Teranishi has had to leave his current tour with the group to tend to some personal issues. In a statement on the band’s website we learn,

Teppei had to leave the tour last night due to a family emergency, and will not be playing with us for the next few shows (and possibly the rest of the tour.) We fully understand and support his decision to do so, and hope that you’ll be understanding as well. He started this tour knowing that this would be a possibility, and toughed it out for as long as he possibly could. Please send as many positive thoughts as you can muster in his, and his family’s direction.

The good news is that we have a few friends out here on tour who have stepped up, learned a few songs a piece, and will be joining us on stage to enable us to get through a full set, and help us get through this difficult time. The tour will continue as planned. It’ll just be a little different.

Thanks for your understanding and support during this time. We appreciate it.

-Riley, Ed, & Dustin

We hope all is well for Teppei and we keep him in our thoughts.

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