Tim Barry/Frank Turner split 7″

Tim Barry/Frank Turner split 7″

suburbanhomeSuburban Home Records in conjunction with Epitaph Records have announced the split 7″ between Richmond, Virginia’s Tim Barry and London, England’s Frank Turner. Both Tim and Frank have new albums coming out this fall and this split 7″ will serve as singles from both artists. Tim Barry contributes “Thing of the Past” and Frank Turner contributes an acoustic version of “Try This At Home”. “Thing of the Past” is the first single from Tim’s upcoming album (more details on Tim’s upcoming album will soon be announced). “Try This At Home” is the first single form Frank’s upcoming new album, “Poetry of the Deed” due out in September 2009.

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The 7″ will be pressed in an edition of 2,500 copies (500 on black vinyl (VC Exclusive), 1,000 on Blue vinyl, and 1,000 on Red vinyl (besides a handful of sets of all 3 colors, you will only be able to get the Red vinyl from Tim Barry, Frank Turner, or Epitaph. The 7″ will come with an mp3 download coupon. There will be a test pressing contest that you can enter when you pre-order the 7″. The 7″s will be available by this year’s Revival Tour (October 13th, 2009).

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