Tim Timebomb streams new song “Life’s For Livin'”

Tim Timebomb streams new song “Life’s For Livin'”

Man, it’s been like 8 hours since we covered a new Tim Timebomb and Friends track.  Don’t panic though, we’ve got a fresh one for you.  This time it’s for a song called “Life’s For Livin” and its a mellow piano ditty written by Armstrong himself.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

“This song is about a kid who was born and lived in the same neighborhood. Needing a change of scenery the kid seeks something bigger by leaving home to set out and do some livin’, instead of waiting for life to happen.”

You can listen to the entire track here.

Tim Timebomb and Friends have been releasing a long series of singles on iTunes every week since the beginning of December 2012 through Hellcat Records.

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