Tom DeLonge talks about upcoming Blink 182 release

Tom DeLonge talks about upcoming Blink 182 release

Blink 182In a recent interview with UK’s Rock Radio, Tom DeLonge explained exactly how the San Diego, CA’s, Blink 182, upcoming release will sound.  According to the trio’s guitarist, it can be expressed by a simple equation: Angels & Airwaves + +44 + Transplants/Expen$ive Taste = new Blink.  Additionally, DeLonge said that “the record will be very modern, relevant, fast, and fun.  It’ll be a mixture of drum and bass, indie rock, and stadium rock.”  While this is pretty much the gist of it, the rest of the interview can be read here.

It was announced this past June that Blink 182 would be recording new material just as singer/bassist, Mark Hoppus, announced that he will be hosting his own show on Fuse called A Different Spin With Mark Hoppus which is set to air this month.

Amongst a couple of greatest hits discs and an interview release, Blink’s last LP, titled Blink 182, came out in 2003.

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