Tour Video: No Use For A Name in Asia #2

Tour Video: No Use For A Name in Asia #2

fat28No Use For A Name has finally finished editing the tour diary video from their recent trip to Asia.  This one is much more inclusive than part 1.  Here’s what bassist Matt Riddle had to say about the making of the video/tour:

i know i just wrote last night, but i just wanted to let you know i finally got the asia video done. it was a bitch as it was too long, so after a day of cutting, copying and pasting, i think i got it figured out. i know that these videos only show about 2% of what really goes on while on tour, but i get to relive all the memories so horray for me! seriously, this tour was one of my absolute favorite tours ever. hopefully you can tell by watching this.

Check it out here.

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