Album Review: Turn It Red – “All Time Will Show” EP

Album Review: Turn It Red – “All Time Will Show” EP

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Turn It Red from Lancashire, UK have gone from good band to great band with their first official EP, “All Time Will Show”. It’s about time that the guys get known for their fast punk rock style (ala Forus) since they can dance with the best in the business. In Canada, these energetic tunes could always be featured on any “Rock em’, Sock em’ hockey” volumes – it’s good warm-up music before you hit the slopes or put the skates on to crush some bones.

Turn It Red recorded this fine EP in Rome, Italy with none other than Italian punk rock legend, Alex from Jet Market at his own studio – Hell Smell. For a band to venture that far to record quality music means that they must truly respect the person at the helm. Now the first thing that I heard/noticed with TIR’s sound on this EP was Jack’s incredible energy and double pedal work on the kit. I have heard many, MANY releases before but I have to say that energy wise, Alex really captured Jack’s presence on the kit and this is unique in its own way for that reason. Add this to the shreddin’ Bobert on lead guitar and you have a killer combo on stage! And as a popular artist once said: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”. If this band’s music would hit you, you’d be in the hospital. If this does not make you want to see TIR live then you ain’t got good ear drums. Quite simple, eh?!

“The Biggest Mouths Inside The Keyboard” starts the EP up with the speed that you will become accustomed to throughout the release. Adam does really have a great melodic voice I must add. In general I am more a fan of the Aussie accents when it comes to punk rock (compared to British ones) but TIR are an exception when it comes to this feature. At the end of this tune you’ll hear a sick solo from Bob and my only complaint is that there are not enough of these in the band’s songs. Next, it’s “If This Works I’ll Eat My Pants”. This tune has many high points such as a lot of back-ups to enhance Adam’s harmonies. I really love how this band changes tempos from one second to the other as well – write that down. “Breathe Slow” is I’d say the best “guitarmony” filled track with my favorite sequence of the EP being between the 2:03 to 2:34 mark. It’s a good build-up. If I presented someone TIR for the first time I’d without a doubt tell them to check out “Episode 7: Alistair Moondust”. ‘Nuff said. Finishing off this project we have “If I Can’t See Far, It’s Because Giants Are Standing On My Shoulders” and they have indeed kept the best for last. This should also be presented when showing off TIR to people, forget what I said before. The choruses, although short, are a personal favorite of mine.

So all in all, you can’t go wrong with Turn It Red. And I can honestly say that the best is yet to come from these four young lads. Their style has been done before but in terms of English skate punk bands, we don’t have them as much these days, and these guys are actually making a name for themselves by touring abroad and venturing to Europe to record, for example. The same goes for vocals and putting an imprint on the accent. You would not say that these guys are from So Cal if you heard them. I like that.

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