Update: Weezer planning Pinkerton AND Blue Album tour

Update: Weezer planning Pinkerton AND Blue Album tour

News leaked last week that Weezer was in the planning stages of a Pinkerton tour. But apparentlt that’s not all. In a short interview, Weezer lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, expressed hope to have two dates for each city, one night for Pinkerton, and the other for The Blue Album, both played in their entirety.

“We have this really exciting idea to do a tour where we spend two nights in each city, and the first night, we play the entire Blue album, and the second night, we play the entirety of Pinkerton,” said Cuomo to MTV.

Exciting news, but the plans aren’t yet set in stone. “We’re just running it by promoters right now to see if there’s sufficient interest in the markets to do something like that, and if they’re on board, it’s gonna happen,” Cuomo added.

We’ll update you as details unfold.

Weezer’s upcoming album, Hurley will be released September 14th on Epitaph Records.

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