Video: “Casualties Encounters” – get to know The Casualties

Video: “Casualties Encounters” – get to know The Casualties

BlankTV posted a pretty cool video of The Casualties.  They also wrote a better introduction for it then we could so we’re just going to copy and paste it:

If you were to pull back the curtain on your favorite artists, what would you think? How does the pop star strike you with no costumes? What about the cute boy band with pimples on their faces? Or the legendary diva in her pajamas? Most artists spend hours, days or weeks perfecting their image and meticulously planning every detail of how they are perceived by their fans. But not The Casualties. As a staple in the punk rock scene for over a decade they have proven time and time again that they are as genuine to their sound and aesthetic as anyone. They have never hidden behind any gimmicks or illusions to try to maintain a preconceived notion others may have of them. What you see is what you get, pimples and all.

To spend a day with The Casualties is most definitely entertaining, but it’s also very enlightening. Jake Kolatis and Mark “Meggers” Eggers, one half of The Casualties, allowed the camera to follow them throughout their day while they get new tattoos, drink some beers, peruse the offerings of a chili cook-off and even give a first hand look at Casa De Casualties all in the beautiful and scenic downtown Jersey City, NJ. It reveals a deeper look into what makes them who they are and where they came from. Don’t let that tattooed and pierced exterior fool you either, these guys are some of the nicest and most engaging people you could ever hope to hang out and have a beer with. And that’s something that can’t be achieved with gimmicks and illusions.

Check out the video here.

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