Video: Jason Cruz (Strung Out) performs solo project songs

Video: Jason Cruz (Strung Out) performs solo project songs

I was lucky to catch up with Jason Cruz at The Slide Bar in Fullerton CA for a few minutes after he preformed a dynamic and mesmerizing set with Buddy Darling, and Josh Fasen (from the band, The Darlings.) The set for the night included acoustic songs from his current band Strung Out, covers from Bob Dylan, and his side project Blackheart and the Pistoleros. The fellas played numerous shows in the past few months, and intend to record original songs in the next month. When asked how he came up with his new projects sound Cruz stated:

“Growing up as a kid I moved around a lot and developed a love for country music at dusty old desert swap meets and the Mexican side of town. Soon punk rock swept me away and made the world my neighborhood. Country music and punk rock are both American art forms to me and they both mean the same thing. One man and a song against the world.”

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