Video: Joey Cape – “Dreaming” off solo album “Doesn’t Play Well With Others”

Video: Joey Cape – “Dreaming” off solo album “Doesn’t Play Well With Others”

Check this: Lagwagon‘s lead singer Joey Cape made a home video for the song Dreaming off his upcoming solo album Doesn’t Play Well With Others. Dreaming is a Blondie cover, in case you were wondering why it sounds familiar.  The song is also available for free download on Cape’s website.  Here’s what he had to say about the song:

The story of how the recording came to be is nice one. I was on a US acoustic tour with Jon Snodgrass and Chad Rex a few years ago and this guy, Shaun Colón contacted me thru My Space about his studio in Dallas, TX. He generously offered to let us come in the day of our show there, free of charge (A one time deal I’m sure) and record a track. Well, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity but, I had no idea what song to record and no time to get anything new together. Chad and I started discussing possible covers and for whatever reason we agreed on “Dreaming”, a song from a female vocal, perspective. Ha ha. Anyway, I have always liked the song and the studio turned out to be an amazing space. The guys running the system, Shaun Colón and Kevin Kotzur, turned out to be good guys and great technicians. It was an awesome experience. I highly recommend working with them. Check it.

Each month, Joey is releasing a song off the upcoming album, until all 12 are released. Once that happens, the new CD will come out. This is release #10, so two more to go until we can get our hands on this solo album.

Head on over to Joey Cape’s website to download the other songs.

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