Video: Protagonist on tour – webisode 1

Video: Protagonist on tour – webisode 1

paperplastickrecordsThe other day I posted a tour video from Boca Raton’s Protagonist, but apparently it was the second webisode in a series, so to thoroughly confuse readers of this site I’m going to post webisode 1 as a follow up to webisode 2.  I think these videos do a great job of giving fans an idea of what it’s like on the road for smaller, up and coming bands that don’t get to ride around in tour buses and stay in nice hotels.  As evidenced in this installment, most bands make do with vans that have high tendencies to breakdown and overnight stays at friends’ grandmothers’ houses.  Check out webisode 1 here.

Protagonist released their last album “The Chronicle” in April on Paper + Plastick Records.


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