Video: Rise Against “Heroes Square Outtake”

Video: Rise Against “Heroes Square Outtake”

Before you say anything, no this is not a new song. I know Rise Against is supposed to be in the studio soon, but this is just a video showing their antics on the road. Wait, did I say “their”? I meant to say Zach Blair. It rhymes, therefore I got confused. I digress.

This video is Zach being wacky and climbing a statue, and this is apparently going to be cut out of the upcoming Rise Against documentary…

Oh, did you hear Rise Against is making a documentary?? This follow-up to 2006’s Generation Lost is called Another Station: Another Mile and is supposed to come out this fall. Hopefully word of a new album will reach our ears around that time.

Rise Against’s latest album Appeal To Reason came out in 2008 on Interscope Records.

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