Video: The Swellers working on “new material”

Video: The Swellers working on “new material”

Flint, MI, punk band The Swellers are a fun bunch of dudes – if you’ve never caught their live show, here’s a chance to see Nick and Jono working on some new songs in their kitchen. And by “working on” of course I mean “probably making it up as they go” and by “new songs” I mean “songs like ‘What Happens To Your Pets [When They Get Sick] [And You Don’t Go To the Vet]’ that I have to kind of doubt we’ll see on the new album”. The video clocks in at just under 4 minutes of shenanigans, check it out here.

The band’s last album, Ups And Downsizing, came out in 2009 on Fueled By Ramen

And yes that is Jono (the band’s drummer) playing the guitar in the video. I wonder if he has any other talents that he’s hiding from us?

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