Visa Application for Ska Nation:  The Bennies (DS Approved)

Visa Application for Ska Nation: The Bennies (DS Approved)

Ska Nation takes their line-up very seriously; so serious in fact that Dying Scene has been asked to vet each and every band with a round of intense questioning that will determine whether or not they deserve a slot on the bill for the greatest night of ska Victorians will ever see (until next year).

We’re cranking up the heat, rolling up our sleeves and serving up each band the most hard hitting questions they’ve ever been forced to answer. If they answer well they will merit a final stamp of approval. If they answer poorly it’s immediate deportation to the rejected ranks of don’t-quit-your-day-job land.

Today we’re grilling Melbourne party outfit, The Bennies. They’ve made threats, mentioned shaker fries (because they are the bomb), and even managed to get a reference to Pauline Hanson into the interrogation. Read on to find out if we really think their good enough to enter Ska Nation, here.

Who are you and what do you what do you have to offer our party nation?

We are The Bennies and we can’t offer shit! We’re just coming to trash what you already have and then bail before the clean up.

How many people are included on this application and what are their duties?

There’s four of us:

Anty – Chief Executive Officer of talkin’ shit

Steve – Junior Vice President of Upstrokin’

Bowie – Beat Lab experiment gone horribly wrong

Craig – Key note speaker at the annual ‘How to melt faces using a bass guitar’ summit held in Brixton

Before we approve any application we need to know what your cultural fit would be. What are your top 3 Ska albums of all time and why?

In no particular order:

The Specials – ‘Selftitled’

Operation Ivy – ‘Energy’

Toots and The Maytals – ‘Monkey Man’

Why? Because Ska music has to be like a good woman – dirty!

Where do you currently reside and what makes this place, “the place to be” in your eyes?

Melbourne is the place to be because at the moment we’ve got shaker fries back!!

Name three things you won’t come into the (Ska) Nation without?

1. Matching Fred Perry polos

2. Spliffs

3. Our invoice!! Look out Francis….

If you saw the gent pictured below walking down the street, what would be the first thing to come to your mind?

“Woah that dude looks like a ghost! but shit, he can dance”

(Ska) Nation we take the security of our commodities very seriously. On a scale of 1 to Navy Seal Team 6, just how much of a security risk are you to the Nation’s beer supply?

That’s like saying ‘On a scale of 1 – 10, how much of a risk is Pauline Hanson to common sense?’

Wait a minute….

Please disclose one piece of information that your mother wouldn’t know about you.

Mum doesn’t know that I think the Dog on the Tuckerbox monument near Gundagai is overrated.

Who do you most want to see when you enter (Ska) Nation?

Everyone! But Kujo Kings are a must see!

Are there any other things you’d like us to consider when processing your application?

Yeah, consider this your first and only warning!

Clear your schedule for the next week after Ska Nation, cause we’re bringing a party that’s gonna last until Suicide Tuesday!

After much deliberation, and because The Bennies can make us dance in ways we really shouldn’t, we hereby declare…


Saturday October 29th – 1pm – Fairbank Cafe (70 Faibank Rd, Clayton Sth, VIC)

Sunday October 30th – Corner Hotel – Richmond +18

Monday October 31st – CBD Night Club – over 2 levels – Melbourne +18

Tickets for all Ska Nation shows are available for purchase here.

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