Visa Application for Ska Nation:  The Furrows

Visa Application for Ska Nation: The Furrows

We’re on the home stretch to Ska Nation for 2011 and you may have noticed we’ve bumped up our assessment quota to two bands a day.  Second up today (and second last in line) we have the Furrows.  During our intense investigation we find out a few things, most notably we discover their weird love of nice shoes.  Find out if we’re letting them through gates of Ska Nation here.

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Who are you and what do you what do you have to offer our party nation?

The Furrows can supply horticulture for this fine Nation, amongst plenty of fun times and good vibes.

How many people are included on this application and what are their duties?

There are three to applicate:

Chris – Singist and Guitarist,

Sullo – Bassist and Singist,

and yet t.b.c. – Drummist. (current drummerist Sean may still be in Cuba)

Before we approve any application we need to know what your cultural fit would be.  What are your top 3 Ska albums of all time and why?

Difficult to answer, so many factors and variables!

The Slackers “The Question”

The M.M.Bosstones “Live from the Middle East”

The Wailers “Birth of a Legend”

Too many to choose for different reasons, and such variance!  We tried to span the styles and eras. Hopefully this won’t hinder our visa application.

Where do you currently reside and what makes this place, “the place to be” in your eyes?

Currently residing in Melbourne, VIC, for this city is a delightfully inspiring bosom and hotbed for creativity.

Name three things you won’t come into the (Ska) Nation without?

Surely these are mandatory to enter Ska Nation:

a) upstrokes

b) decent shoes

c) smile

If you saw the gent pictured below walking down the street, what would be the first thing to come to your mind?

Pick it up, Brethren.

The (Ska) Nation we take the security of our commodities very seriously.  On a scale of 1 to Navy Seal Team 6, just how much of a security risk are you to the Nation’s beer supply?

Beer security threat status: Red Knight 3

Please disclose one piece of information that your mother wouldn’t know about you.

Mothers know all, they have powers…

Who do you most want to see when you enter (Ska) Nation?

The smiling, happy public of Ska Nation, wearing nice shoes, having the time of a whale, enjoying various local and foreign representatives of the ska.  Maybe some banana trees.

Are there any other things you’d like us to consider when processing your application?

When processing this application, please do consider how great and solid this application is.

After much deliberation we have made the executive decision to approve The Furrows entry into Ska Nation based on their apparent and slightly weird love/obsession of nice shoes.


Saturday October 29th – 1pm – Fairbank Cafe (70 Faibank Rd, Clayton Sth, VIC)

Sunday October 30th – Corner Hotel – Richmond +18

Monday October 31st – CBD Night Club – over 2 levels – Melbourne +18

Tickets for all Ska Nation shows are available for purchase here.

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