Visa Application for Ska Nation:  The Resignators (Readers Poll)

Visa Application for Ska Nation: The Resignators (Readers Poll)

Welly, well, well.  It was only a matter of time before The Resignators case file came across our desk with their application to Ska Nation.  Instead of green lighting them for entry, we’re going to throw their fate into the hands of you guys, our readers, with their entry dependent on the results of our readers poll.  They have been kind enough to provide an extensive application to help you make your decision.  Read their application and vote here.

Why don’t you tell us you are coming to Ska Nation on Facebook and we’ll be giving away double passes to each show on The Planet Smashers tour including “The Planet Smashers Experience” where one lucky person will be able to go backstage at Ska Nation to meet and greet the band.  Stay tuned nightly to our Facebook page to win!

Who are you and what do you what do you have to offer our party nation?

I am Steve Douglas, guitar player for The Resignators. I am the token “yank” in the band, and thought I was through filling out visa applications when I became a permanent resident of Australia this year. I was not one of the boat people, I came to Australia to play a festival and fell in love with this beautiful and “lucky” country. I have years of experience partying and playing in punk bands in the USA, so I have plenty to contribute to the “party nation”! I help Francis keep the ship on track, especially when we are in North America on tour.

How many people are included on this application and what are their duties?

Francis (Captain Focus) sings and runs the show here, he has a great knowledge of music in general, but especially helps me learn about Aussie music. Not many people know he was a dance instructor at a girls school…he knows all five ska dance moves.

Jono James plays trombone. We call him Chewbacca or Bigfoot because he is a hairy beast. He loves women and wine and is our telecommunications expert because he works for Vodaphone. He is also good at navigation on tour, because his iPhone works anywhere!

Ted Kazan plays trumpet. He consumes more alcohol and tobacco than any of us, but always stays standing in good shape to play at showtime. He was also in the great Melbourne ska band Commissioner Gordon before we brought him onboard. Ted is usually last to bed, but often first one up…

Stacy Kilpatrick plays organ and sax. She has the best hair in the band (dreadlocks). Her feminine presence helps things keep from getting to skanky on tour, but she still loves to skank. Stacy helps keep track of our fans through FB, Twitter, and mailing lists with her iPad.

Bruce is our bass player. He is the level-headed one. He has a great set of ears in the studio because he teaches a Tafe course in recording. His experience in Flamenco and Aboriginal metal bands as well as first wave ska ,makes him extremely diverse.

Sharpie is our drummer. He eats, shits, sleeps, and plays drums real hard, not necessarily in that order. He loves hardcore, and is without a doubt the shortest in the band. DO NOT feed him peanuts….

As I said before, I am Steve Douglas. I play guitar and do most of the driving on tour. My greatest early achievement in the music business was being a founding member of the shock-rock band GWAR, but I have played in over 20 other USA punk bands, mostly in the Richmond Virginia scene.

Before we approve any application we need to know what your cultural fit would be.  What are your top 3 Ska albums of all time and why?

Hard decision! I really love The ResignatorsSee You in Hell”, but here are 3 big ones in my book…

Prince Buster – “Fabulous Greatest Hits”
Tougher than tough, Prince Buster sang songs about hard living. He was a ska DJ, record label owner, music producer, singer/songwriter and all around local tough guy. His most famous hit, “Al Capone” was covered by the Specials. Prince Buster is a god.

Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “Let’s Face It”
This CD is close to perfect. I got to see them in a club I ran in Richmond, Virginia many times, and their east coast Boston agro sound was just right to get a crowd going.

Sublime – “40 Ounces to Freedom”
The west coast kings, this was their first album, before they were huge and before Brad died. It mixed ska, punk, rock-steady, surf rock and hip-hop so well. It is one of the highest-selling independently released albums of all time.

Where do you currently reside and what makes this place, “the place to be” in your eyes?

Stacy and I live in Daylesford, Victoria, and we love it because it is a small town with lots of lesbians, hippies and other alternative types. It is very pretty, but still close to Melbourne and a lot cheaper. We know everyone here and like most of them J.

Name three things you won’t come into the (Ska) Nation without?

1.  Our instruments

2.  Smoke

3.  Money for grog

If you saw the gent pictured below walking down the street, what would be the first thing to come to your mind?

I would say that he looks a lot like Peter Tosh before he was senselessly murdered. You know that is who the “two-tone guy” was modeled after, right? I would reckon he looks like he is on the way to Ska Nation to try and legalize it!

(Ska) Nation we take the security of our commodities very seriously.  On a scale of 1 to Navy Seal Team 6, just how much of a security risk are you to the Nation’s beer supply?

This band is a serious threat! Your only saving grace is that Francis drinks cider more than beer. We had a great time touring with The Aquabats because they did not drink, and we got their rider every night (and the leftover deli trays)! We like whiskey too, especially Seagrams Crown Royal blend from Canada.

Please disclose one piece of information that your mother wouldn’t know about you.

My mom knows everything…even the GWAR stuff. I remember playing “I’m in Love with a Dead Dog” for her at the Christmas dinner table. She paid for my first guitar lessons in The Bahamas with two ancient voodoo priestesses, which is where I first learned the backbeat, so it is all her fault J

Who do you most want to see when you enter (Ska) Nation?

A packed house of party folks decked out to the nines, ready to skank all night to some great ska bands. We are especially excited to see our Canadian friends The Planet Smashers, whom we have toured with in Canada several times, but have never been down under.

Are there any other things you’d like us to consider when processing your application?

If we have to submit to cavity searches, and some Resignators members have had to at border crossings in the past, we insist they be performed by sexy, well-built ladies in dominatrix gear (except for Stacy who prefers a Jamaican muscle man). Also, that little thing on my FBI record was a set-up, I swear!

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Saturday October 29th – 1pm – Fairbank Cafe (70 Faibank Rd, Clayton Sth, VIC)

Sunday October 30th – Corner Hotel – Richmond +18

Monday October 31st – CBD Night Club – over 2 levels – Melbourne +18

Tickets for all Ska Nation shows are available for purchase here.

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