We Are The Union kills moose, moose kills van

We Are The Union kills moose, moose kills van

Ska/punk act We Are The Union are having one hell of an unlucky tour.  First, guitar player Jim Margle breaks his wrist, then the band gets robbed and now this: Some moose in Saskatchewan had the audacity to try crossing a freeway without looking both ways first.  Well, the moose paid for that fatal mistake, but unfortunately so did We Are The Union’s tour van, which is now totaled.

Here’s the story from the band:

Alright everyone, we’ve NEVER asked for donations but desperate times call for desperate measures. First I (Jim) fractured my wrist in Whistler, BC (costing a few thousand dollars in hospital bills). The next night our van was broken into with a few hundred dollars of personal items stolen. We then had to fly our buddy Kyle from Protagonist (Paper + Plastick) in from Orlando to fill in for me, only to collide with a moose in Saskatchewan after his second show. Our van is completely totaled from the impact but thankfully none of us were seriously injured. Sadly the same can’t be said for another vehicle involved in the accident. Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to all the people and families involved. Now comes to the hard part for us… WE NEED A VAN TO FINISH THIS TOUR. If ANYONE knows of a super cheap van for sale or one we could borrow, please let us know. We’ve lost thousands of dollars and are virtually starting from square one, stranded in another country. WATU will be playing every show of the tour with much thanks to Strung Out, Rufio, and Mute loaning us gear and rides until Ben (our all around handy man) and myself can figure out a new vehicle situation. We’ve setup a PayPal account for anyone who would like to donate, and at this point anything helps. Thank you so very much to everyone who has already donated or gave us support emotionally and financially during these rough times. Hopefully we’ll be able to somehow bounce back from this one. Thanks & we’ll see ya on the road! -Jim & WATU

You can send PayPal donations to watubooking@gmail.com

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