Album Review: We Came As Romans – “To Plant A Seed”

Album Review: We Came As Romans – “To Plant A Seed”

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We Came As Romans defines the word bone-crushing and reinvents the idea of blending harmony with discord.  Their freshmen LP, To Plant A Seed, contains tight, heavily distorted drop-tuned chords, pounding over double bass drums, with vocals mixed between melodic singing and brutal screaming. On top of all this, simplistic guitar riffs sprinkle over keyboards, culminating in a well thought out metalcore medley.

Recorded by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Burden Of A Day, At The Throne Of Judgement), you can hear the comfortable trends of standard metalcore; the somewhat computer proceeded vocals, reverberated leads, bass pushed a little more forward than usual. While this may seem a little ‘cookie cutter’, We Came As Romans put their own spin on things, pushing them in front of the cluttered crowd of stereotypical metalcore.

The opening title track To Plant A Seed, starts of with a jam sort of feel, where drums start, guitars follow, repeating the same riff, then catapults into a full on heavy example of modern metalcore mayhem. Before it becomes monotonous, things just stop, slowing down to keyboards, drums, and angelic singing. This emotional moment passes quick, and again you are launched into violent ferociousness. This sort of back and forth continues on throughout the whole album. While it creates a nice break in the songs, I personally would have liked to see the transitions happen more between the songs themselves as opposed to between all the verses.

Overall, the album To Plant A Seed is a really solid release, with plenty of good breakdowns, intricate riffs and a tad more individuality than most metalcore bands out there right now.  We Came As Romans have certainly mastered their craft, and if you’re a metalcore junkie this album will no doubt provide you with a good fix.

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