Album Review: We Will Fly – “Bangarang!”

Album Review: We Will Fly – “Bangarang!”

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The German punk rock scene delivers some of the best that Europe has to offer when it comes to the thriving melodic hardcore genre. I can name dozens of young bands that would qualify and they seem to keep coming out with releases every couple of months (Save the Embers, Tiny-Y-Son, False Friend, No Opinion,…). It does make sense when you think about it since Germany has a crazy metal scene with huge ass festivals and a cult like atmosphere that follows the bands stationed in and around there. That energy and speed transfers to the melodic hardcore bands in the country. The three piece Berlin based We Will Fly are a prime example of what I mean since they deliver all of the above through their views, beliefs, and ways of life – and most importantly, straight from the heart. You get that “live atmosphere” feeling when hearing their new album “Bangarang!” and you can tell off the bat that these guys have a special live show.

With “Bangarang!”, We Will Fly have gotten even faster, more intense, more hardcore, and more metal. For the people who know the band and have followed them since the start, they released their first album in 2008 called “…your darkness shows us the light” which I also reviewed, by the way. The transition from that album to “Bangarang!” can primarily be seen in the vocals. The vocals really seem to carry this album to a different level compared their first release. The very important piece of information from this band to take note of is that all three members sing leads and they never disappoint. Can you name a handful of three piece bands that can do the same? I think not, there you go.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect song wise, the album kicks off with “Fervid” which is a definite energy driven tune that delivers that hardcore element to a “t”. And being less that 2 minutes, it makes you want more but no worries for that. The album’s title track “Bangarang”, which has a little sound clip from the movie “Hook” prior to the song, gives you the place where they got the idea for their album’s name. The track itself also talks about that idea of lost boys and girls, the same concept as the movie where you have some lost kids that are fighting those mean grown-up pirates. “The Breather” is an instrumental track that is unique due to the metal vibe and with the guys toning it down a bit. In this track you have to appreciate the guitar work; in general it’s a different side of WWF. “Butterflies & Unicorns” is my key track of the release and at some points it gives me that Misconduct and Raised Fist feel, like their first album does at times. “Cutting cracks in a glazier’s cage” has some sweet melodies on guitar in the intro, really sticks in your head. And finally, there is also a secret track at the end of the album and it’s a type of drunken bar song that you’d sing with friends. Now, where’s my Löwenbräu?

The packaging of this releases offers the listener a digipack type design that has the disc being attached on the left side when you open the actual pack. Pretty innovative/different I must say. To add to the finishing touch, you have a “punk rock” written booklet with font and drawings that looks childish but actually looks pretty damn cool.

I don’t know if this would be the melodic hardcore album of the year but it comes mighty close. After their first album I knew something was in the air with these three guys but now with “Bangarang!”, I can honestly say that they have gotten the respect from many labels, companies, and fans in the European scene (see digipack), myself included. And mark my word, this is only the beginning for We Will Fly.

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