Album Review: We Will Fly – “Your Darkness Shows Us The Light

Album Review: We Will Fly – “Your Darkness Shows Us The Light

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Don’t you just love it when bands still play the old school type punk/hardcore that we’ve gotten to love throughout the years!? We Will Fly, a Berlin (Germany) based band originally from the city of Hof in the state of Bavaria play some classic Swedish style hardcore from the 90’s reminiscent of early Misconduct and Raised Fist, all while including some powerful energy and speed. WWF’s sound can be linked much more with hardcore but you can hear a tiny bit of skate punk in the overall picture. I’ll let you decide.

The first track I heard of this band was “Scales” and at that point I instantly associated them to the previously mentioned Misconduct, especially once the vocals and drums got going. Misconduct might not have been the band that “created” the Swedish hardcore scene but they sure as hell left their mark on many bands.

Lyrically, on this album, WWF is involved in issues happening in the world today such as the violence and injustice happening in Tibet, humanity’s dependence on animals (for pets, food, clothing, research, etc.), capitalism, politics, and much more. These Germans play as a three piece but if you heard the band you would definitely not know it! Another fine and important point to mention is that they all sing and I can’t comment enough about bands that have this rare luxury! You don’t know how much it affects WWF’s music, it’s like having three lead singers in a way.

The album starts off with a little instrumental intro (before the hardcore kicks in with the first song) and from the get go you can tell a storm is brewing up, some shouts and some softer guitar parts are the calm of the storm in this case, and the guitars are the little thunder clouds. Suddenly the “fast stuff” begins with blazing drums. As Kramer says, “giddy up”. The dual vocals really add the touch for the rest of the album as you’ll notice. It’s a great job up to this point. Remember, all members sing very well although it may be hard to distinguish when there’s a change. The guys can go from loud, to soft, to a hardcore pitch even. “Tribute” brings a sweet ass upbeat mid-pace song! I simply love it and it could have been a definite single for the album. Chorus wise (a strong one btw) vocals are the type of street punk “gang vocals” which make for a good live song! “Utopia” keeps the train moving as you’d expect with a hardcore band, and speed is essential. Again, just listen closely to vocals on this one. I hate repeating myself but the guys have such good variation. They all compliment each other as good as any band with the mics. Bravo! The middle of “Utopia” slows down in the middle and the way in which it transcends to that part is pretty nifty. Moving along through the album, other high points I just had to mention were the 2:05 or so mark in “Calling for a Change” where you hear a newer Raised Fist sound in the music. Another point is that this band is not afraid to try out new things in their songs such as slowing down things and vocal delivery, of course. With the start of “Make em Fall” the guys give us with some Randy style (again Swedish) vocals and the end of the track has a really cool outro as they slow down things and have this minor Pink Floyd/classic rock touch on guitars. And don’t forget “Scales”, I just knew that something fast would come out of hearing Will Smith, even though -The Pursuit of Happyness- was a touching movie. As he says in the sound bite, “…you want something, go get it” so go buy this album already! Again, pure Misconduct in this one. And the best track to define the band/the album in my opinion. In finishing, every track has their own “thing” from the straight up hardcore, to more upbeat songs, to the original “EmpTV.”

All in all, a solid release from Germany’s We Will Fly. They know that they have talent and they use it efficiently on this album. It serves as a nice business card for any punk or hardcore fan wanting to know more of the German scene. Many central European bands follow the commitment to the cause(s) they are preaching and you can’t go wrong when you hear such passion and dedication. Support the true WWF.

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