Why did they choose the band name Jukebox Romantics?

Why did they choose the band name Jukebox Romantics?

Ever wonder where some bands come up with their band names?  Well, we do, and we’re sick of sitting around scratching our heads about it.  We’re hitting the streets (aka. “Internet”) to find the origins behind some of the more bizarre, intriguing or just plain random band names in the scene.  Every Wednesday we’ll be pulling the curtain back on a different band and this week it’s the energetic ska-punk five-some The Jukebox Romantics.

According to the band, they were kicking around a lot of different names in the beginning around such themes as where they came from/how they grew up, etc. They eventually decided on the name “The Disaster March” but as it turned out the name was already being used by another band. A couple weeks later one of the band members was listening to The Gaslight Anthem and one of their lyrics off their album Sink or Swim inspired The Jukebox Romantics name. It’s not directly from the song but tweaked a bit and the whole band thought it catchy so they stuck with it. They admit that they get a lot of snarky comments about stealing their name from the Gaslight Anthem, but they’re ok with that stating “its warranted snark”.

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