Why did they choose the name The Sainte Catherines?

Why did they choose the name The Sainte Catherines?

Ever wonder where some bands come up with their band names?  Well, we do, and we’re sick of sitting around scratching our heads about it.  We’re hitting the streets (aka. “Internet”) to find the origins behind some of the more bizarre, intriguing or just plain random band names in the scene.  Every Wednesday we’ll be pulling the curtain back on a different musician and this week it’s Canadian punk rockers The Sainte Catherines.

According to legend (aka: the internet) the band decided to name themselves after the main commercial street in their home city of Montreal, Sainte-Catherine Street.   If I employed this strategy with my make believe punk band, we’d be called The El Camino Reals, which actually isn’t too bad… Time for a band meeting!

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