Wrench In The Works is no more

Wrench In The Works is no more

Hartford hardcore group Wrench In The Works have called it a day.  Here’s the official announcement from the band:

“After over a decade of playing music together Wrench In The Works has officially decided to call it quits. We would like to thank everyone at Facedown Records for believing in us, giving us an opportunity and most of all being our friends. We would also like to thank all of the amazing bands we toured/played with and became friends with through our travels as well as all of the people we met and became friends with, it was definitely awesome and we couldn’t have done it without you. We have A LOT of merchandise left over and we want to get rid of it, our band never set out to make money so we are selling all of our shirts for $5 and all proceeds go to a ministry we believe in called Project AK-47. They help free child soldiers in Southeast Asia so please help out and buy a shirt.”

Wrench In The Works’ last album, Increase/Decrease, was released March 16th, on Facedown Records.

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