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30 Miles

30 Miles
Hometown: Italy Current Label: Ghost Factory Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Samuel - Vocals/Guitar
Dani - c/o Bass/Vocals
Samy - Drums
? - Guitar

30 Miles Bio:

30 MILES are officially born between December 2009 and January 2010 (Florence, Tuscany, Italy) with the arrival of Damian and Daniel on lead guitar and bass.

They come in 3: Samuel (vocals / backing vocals, rhythm guitar) Samy (drums) and Daniel (vocals / bass voice). Each component gives to 30 Miles his influences ranging from hardcore punk and roots to pop punk and enraged from heavy metal. The lyrics are exposed directly, telling facts and emotions, and (most) in implicitly rhymes, metaphors and similes to make sure that listeners may find their way through the lyrics with the expressiveness of words and sounds. All go on social, philosophical, with a penchant for conspiracy and the psychology of dream theories based on their own and building a story out explicit as a poetry.

Just over a ladder and thanks to the experience with the old projects, starting to test the water treading the Viper Theatre and the Flog Auditorium (Florence), noting curiosity and enthusiasm from the audience. And that's why in 'October 2010 the band entered the SevenStudio in Florence on 1 November 2010 releasing his first self-titled Wasteland EP with six previously unreleased tracks plus the cover rearranged (Hey There Delilah of Plain White T's). The record is reviewed very well in Italy, and in foreign countries. Parallel they participate at the “Edison Change Music Tour”, then invited to the Pet Sound Festival (Empoli) and at the Rockin' Ghisalba Festival (Bergamo) to which attended by names such as Los Fastidios and The Fire.

In June 2011 their "Nobody" enters Indiebox Compilation Vol.6, produced by Indie Music Box @ 360 Brescia physical and digital format, along with world-renowned names as Yellowcard, Antiflag, Casualties and Mad Sin.

They are currently working on their first full-length out in 2012 for the labels THIS IS CORE and WASTELAND PRODUCTION, which they'll make a Live prermiere during the European Tour in June, organized by the english agency Zero Talent Booking. In July 2012, after the european tour, Damian left the band for personal problems.


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