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8 Days Later

8 Days Later
Hometown: Bristol, UK Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Harry Hoskins - Vocals & Guitar
Joe Hogan - Bass
Callan Millward - Drums
Si Bolton - Guitar

8 Days Later Bio:

Formed in 2005 as a few friends in school playing together, 8 Days Later have grown musically and have always been about writing simple, honest music. After releasing a couple of Demo CD's in 2007 they went on to change their line-up and release the Debut 6 track EP "This Is Progress" in April 2009 which sold out all copies on its release show. In Early 2010, 8DL released a Special Online Edition of "This Is Progress" Which is available for Free at BandCamp ( it includes 2 Extra Acoustic Version's aswell as new song "All Or Nothing".

Since then the band have gone on to play many shows with bands such as Zebrahead, MC Lars, New Riot, Kids Cant Fly, Not Advised, Amy Can Flyy, Paige & Canada Water

The Band are set to release their follow up EP to "This Is Progress" in 2011! Keep you ears peeled for it

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