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Action Men

Action Men
Hometown: Italy Current Label: Bells On Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Vocals and Guitars: LIBE
Vocals and Guitars: TEO
Drums: SNICO

Action Men Bio:

ActionMen came together in 2001 as an Italian "boy band" with a distinctly twisted edge. With Libe (vocals, guitar), Teo (guitars, vocals), Diego (bass) and Carlo (drums), their average age of 15 was definitely all they had in common with the Top 40 set.
Having worn out two drummers, in 2005 they found someone who could keep up with them, Mattia "Pinna", formerly with the Hormonauts. In August/September of the same year, they recorded their first LP, with producer Riccardo "Paso" Pasini.
But as with all great bands, it's the drummer who is the first casualty and Snico is now the man holding it all together, with Pinna remaining a spiritual member of the group.
Their genre can be best described as melodic hardcore with lashings of funk, thrash-metal, garage rock and more thrown into the mix; "post-melodic hardcore", if you will.
Since forming, the ActionMen have toured, extensively, across Italy and Germany, releasing two demos along the way.
Having recently signed with Canadian label, Unicorn Records, it's time for the rest of the world to catch up with ActionMen, as their 2005 recording, "The Game" will be unleashed on the world with BellsOn Records publishing the record in Japan.


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    Its Brilliant job. I love this spirit.. keep it up

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