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Band Members: Vocals and Guitars: Matteo
Drums: Mattia

Actionmen Bio:

In 1999, out of a haze of bad hash and crap beer, Actionmen was born. Formed in Ravenna, Italy, their recorded debut, Upa Baba, immediately connected with the wider punk scene creating opportunities for Diego, Matteo, Mugna, Snico, and Libero to travel around their home country with their music.

After years honing their sound live, Actionmen began recording the follow-up to Upa Baba in 2005. The Game would eventually be released via Canadian prog label Unicorn Records and Japanese melodic hardcore merchants Bells on Records two years later. The band’s first shows outside of Italy followed, with a run of gigs supporting This Is A Standoff around Europe in 2008.

The following year, Bells On Records released the now-legendary four-way Coalition split. It featured tracks from Forus (France), Hero Of Our Time (US), Play Attenchon (Perù), and of course, Actionmen.

By 2010, Actionmen, now fuelled on “good quality marujana, crafted beers, fancy cheeses”, would quickly expand their discography with a couple more releases. The two-song split, With A Twist Of Thrash featured Japan’s Misled Balds and was released with help from Bells On Records. Another split would soon follow, this time featuring tracks from Homer (Belgium). Vamos/Fab came out on Funtime Records on 7-inch vinyl in 2011.
For their next full-length release, the band decided to work alone. Four intense years of "psychedelic rehearsals and recordings" resulted in the 22 track, double record, Ramadama – Actionmen’s most controversial and stylistically-diverse work to date. Handling the release would be domestic labels Autunno Dischi and Inconsapevole Records, along with Bells On Records again.

Following Ramadama, Actionmen would spend the next few years performing local shows as well as embarking on a few small European jaunts. However, in 2016, the band was shocked to learn that Libero would be parting ways with them.

Understandably dejected, the band decided to forge ahead. Actionmen now lives on as a three-piece with Matteo stepping up for vocal duties. In February 2017, the band began recording with its new, single-guitar line-up. They put down 13 tracks from those sessions, five of which appear on a split with Manchester’s Deck Neck, titled Defections.


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    Its Brilliant job. I love this spirit.. keep it up

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