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Hometown: Liege/Brussels, Belgium Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Laurent De Zutter : vocals/guitar /
Antoine Landrin : drums/backing vocals /
Philip Hustinx : lead guitar /
Sambo Chhun : bass

Adverse96 Bio:

Adverse96 is not just a fancy bandname, it's about the adversity we all have to face on a daily basis. The contradiction between what we used to be as adolescents (in 1996) and what we have to pretend to be nowadays. We're all grown men, around or over the 30's, most of us have kids, we have jobs, and in order to provide our families the security they need, we had to compromise with society and the fucked up way this whole system is rolling.
We all had bands before and some of us are still playing in other bands, but to make it short, Laurent/Philip/Sambo used to play in Hangin Out (Eye Spy Records/Craze Records/Kickass Records), which was pretty popular amongst the Benelux punkrock scene during the 2000’s, Laurent and Antoine also joined Nervous Chillin (I Scream Records) by the last half of the 2000’s while Antoine used to play in hardcore bands such as Coverhate, still plays in Bloodshot and also had a blast playing with Deviate (I Scream Records) a couple years ago when they reunited.

In fine, we’re all just back for the fun, the live vibe and the happy rehearsals we have every single week, as an exhaust of all the things we have to face during the week, kind of a therapy, not taking it too seriously as humans, but as musicians, music still straight comes from our hearts and that’s where our faith is, it's as simple as that..


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