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Hometown: San Diego, California Current Label: No Sleep Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Brad Chancellor - Drums
Jonathan Wessel - Vocals/Guitar
Landon Cobarrubias - Bass
Beki Andreasen - Keyboards

Anakin Bio:

Anakin is an alternative rock band from San Diego, who recently signed with No Sleep Records.

"Anakin came into existence in 2010. Their mission was clear; to create an auditory atmosphere that captured the main elements in music which inspired them to become musicians. Fuzzy, melodic, spaced-out, heavy and honest all describe Anakin's sound but their ability to capture simplicity without boredom is what makes this machine operational.

While it's no secret that Anakin credit bands such as blue-era Weezer, HUM, Nirvana, Failure and the Rentals as the inspiration behind their blown out sound, they are equally quick to point to their production team in Eric Graves and Joel Wanasek as key components to the overall sonic explosion. Their sincerity has been evident since the band's debut album "Random Accessed Memories" was released in 2012. Anakin has developed a unique soundscape that they believe in and have stayed true to it since their creation." - from Facebook


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