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Hometown: Miami, FL Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Al "Gribble" Reyes + trombone
Alex Coombs/Austin "Tino" O'Kelly + trumpet
And Mazzatoro + nylon guitar + voice
Captain MacElroy + washboard + voice
Chino LP + congas + percussion + voice
DC + drums
El Luchador "Luch" + guitar + voice
Jorge Garcia + keyboard + voice
Mathieu Bernard bass + voice
Honorary: Jason "Tio" Rodriguez + congas + voice
Honorary: Jen Pierre + voice + kazoo

Askultura Bio:

Askultura is a rumba + punk rock + ska band from the sunny shores of Miami, Florida comprised of 9 globally-sourced, handsome devils. These are Incans demigods aka Peruvians, lasagna-slammers aka Italians, French frogs, hardline Colombians, raging Dominicanos, super-sized American Okies, and Ohioans. They roll around in your childhood memory: a full-size 40ft yellow school bus with an aching desire to tour 24/7/365/3.14/666. The show gets crazy and it's probably better than any show you've seen before.

On June 12, 2014 they, the aforementioned Askultura, released our 3rd cd in 4.352 years (do the math), called I.N.F.E.R.N.O. and it's stacked with futbol hooligan songs, rephrasings of Aesops fables, and ska punk anthems for immigrants, zen buddhists, blues enthusiasts, and illuminated self-medicators.

Explore the real-deal, professional website and their daily presence on all the various social media outlets that the Interwebs has to offer.

Mission Statement: To spread the party gospel of energia positiva & symphonic rumba punk elements to all curves of the galaxy. To exercise the spirit of the streets on stage. To hang with good people in every town Askultura is lucky enough to pass through. To incite moments of brief rebellion while leaving a lasting aftertaste for change.


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  3. dzintars
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    Come to NY. Bug jar on Monroe in Rochester!

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