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Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Current Label: Underground Communique Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Corey Cameron
Nick DeAngelo
Zack Furness
Jon Barker
Mike Rock

Barons Bio:

Catchy and gruff. Members of American Armada, Teddy Duchamp's Army, Voice In The Wire, Grand Piano, Red Team/Blue Team.

BARONS is a new band of old dudes. Here is some history.
Mike Rock (Guitar) and Zack Furness (vocals) cut their teeth tracing the map playing music together in Pittsburgh bands Teddy Duchamp's Army and Voice In The Wire(Eyeball Records). The Two spent several years writing songs together and touring the country supporting bands like Paint It Black, 7 Seconds, The Loved Ones, None More Black and added stops at "The Fest" and CMJ. Just when things were really starting to happen for them their band (VITW) broke up only a few months after the release of their first full length record. Their former band played it's last show to a sold out crowd at the request to open for friend's Kid Dynamite in the final series of shows at the legendary CBGB's. Most people would consider that a good way to end things and move on but time would prove otherwise. In the years following Zack moved across the country to write a few books and become a college professor. while after a bit of a hiatus from music, Mike finally picked up a guitar again to join his friend Corey Cameron (bass) in American Armada. Armada was already putting on their own fair share of miles sharing the stage with the likes of The Menzingers, Off With Their Heads, Red City Radio, Captian, We're Sinking while also becoming alumni of "The Fest". At the same time all this was going on, Jon Barker (guitar) was in the mid-west playing several bands (Haunted Life, Kamikazi Eyes...etc) in Kansas City and Chicago and Nick DeAngelo (drums) was part of the next generation of indie/punk bands in Pittsburgh (playing in Red Team/Blue Team and Grand Piano).

Justin Schwier, owner of Chicago based punk label Underground Communique decided to release a posthumous vinyl version of VITW's Lp which brought Zack back to Pittsburgh for some reunion/release shows. Cameron's American Armada and DeAngelo's Red Team Blue Team both joined the bill. During his trip Furness told Rock he planned to move back to Pittsburgh. At this point Rock and Cameron had already been discussing trying to put together a new project when Schwier informed them his friend Jon Barker was moving to Pittsburgh for a job and the guys should hook up with him. Not long after, during a night hanging with friends at a local watering hole, Nick expressed interest in playing drums if Rock was gonna ever start a new project. The forces of nature seemed to be doing their damdest to pull this group of dudes together and in the fall of 2012 the inevitable happened and they began writing music together. Shortly after the new year they began playing shows as the band BARONS. In the few months the band has been playing live they have already shared the stage with the likes of The Bronx, Holy Mess, Luther, Restorations, The Copyrights, A Wilhelm Scream, Single Mothers, Captain We're sinking ...etc.

In July the band hopped in the van and drove to Woodstock, NY to "The Isokon studios" to record with D.James Goodwin (Murder By Death, Voice In The Wire, Thursday, Kaki King, The Bravery, Norah Jones) In three short days the band tracked 8 songs. The recording is currently in the final mixing and mastering stages and trying to find a home at a record label just waiting for a band of dudes who grew up skateboarding and listening to everything Dischord, Jadetree and No Idea put out and currently who love eating pizza and hoagies, drinking tasty beverages, bike riding, and playing music together.(because there is certainly a shortage of those around!)


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