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Big Brother

Big Brother
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Current Label: Unknown Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Chris - Vocals/Guitar
Ian - Vocals/Bass
Mike - Drums

Big Brother Bio:

Big Brother is a Orwellian Skacore band base out of Toronto that formed in the wake of the breakup of Toronto Skacore Juggernauts Ghetto Blaster in April 2013. Big brother features Chris of Crack Squad and Charlotte Swallows, Ian Of Corporation, and Mike of Dysfunkt . Subsequently they are all also ex members of GB though there live performances show sneak appearances for some of Toronto’s Finest such as Jacob from Cerebral Scrub and Paco Formerly of Panama Red.

This trio has bashed their way back on to the scene with quickly releasing their first EP Kids of the sun with The Ripcordz and Matadors on October 25th 2013. This EP, self-recorded by bass player Ian Wilkonson the man whole brought you Corporatiom, FPU, Frenemy, Ghetto Blaster and more… Mixed and Mastered by Justin Sinotte the man behind B squad, Beyond Decay, Short lived 3rdRule, Ghetto Blaster and more ….and with amazing art from Kayle Kruger (Former member of Crotchmutt) has been pulling them along with lots of radio play and a hard abrasive sound of back to roots Skacore. The year though short starting so late was filled with many good times and shows across southern Ontario w/ friends like Cerebral, The Filthy Radicals and The Nefidovs to name a few. They even ended up weathering one of the worst storms of the year to play Peterborough at one point. The end of 2013 was a bang for Big Brother with a recap of 14 local southern Ontario shows, 2 Quebec Gigs and 1 release.

“2014 has barely begun and it’s a big one for us in Big Brother. We have just released our second EP Cast Overboard even though the Fundraiser show for the skullians which had also been planned as our EP release was canceled due to the cops shutting down the punk house venue “PeeWees Band house”.
Either way it’s out now on Unknown Records for free and where planning our 8 track LP release Ministry of Truth for February 2014. Along with a long line of shows that can be found on our facebook. “
-Chris Hardcore

Please feel free to spread the tunes around, Boot leg em, host them on your site do as you please.
Music is meant to be shared and spread to the masses. To share the good times and bad, to help revolutions move the people and change the world, to help even one person change their mind in a dark moment to the light. (Much respect to those of you that share)

Remember They’re Always Watching
-Big Brother

Kids of the Sun EP
October 25th 2013 - Free Release

Cast Overboard EP 2014
January 31st 2014

Ministry of Truth LP 2014 - Coming Soon
Febuary 14th 2014


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