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Hometown: Lyon, France Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Emi - lead vocal (chant)
Lîom - guitar scream
seb - guitar
jérome - drums ( batterie)
Greg - bass

Bigblast Bio:

Since 2007, they are playing a powerful melodic punk hardcore with political lyrics and musical influences from Rise Against, A Wilhelm Scream or Mute to Paramore. They've already done more than eighty shows in France.

During summer of 2008, they've recorded their first EP "Deaf to the sirens" at Snapcut studio (Nice – France) which was welcomed by the public, fans or not. This Ep was signed on the label MY FIRST RECORDS and is now almost sold out.

After 2 years touring this Ep, with more than 60 shows, they decided to record a full length album. Recording a first album is a lot of work and something really important in a band’s life. That’s what makes the singer and the bass player to decide to quit the band during summer of 2010. Hard times ! November of 2010, after brief researches, Emi and Greg joined the band. Less than one month after, Bigblast is ready to tour again.

They recorded their first album in the summer of 2011. It will be out in january on several records labels ( Craze Records, Bad Mood Records, Maximise Records, Sirkel Pit Records, Culture Punk Records) and an Est european tour is planned for February 2012.

The aim is to keep on spreading the music and share good moments with people. They are motivated, deter- mined and ready to move for their passion and ideas. You'll hear about them !


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